Jul 12, 2013

bizworkTV’s Web Show Trailer Filming Fun In Downtown Historic Herndon

After filming portions of our first web show episode (debuting Fall 2013) today, Karina of Djijo Studios and I had some major fun with filming the show’s video trailer which will be used both on this site and on bizworkTV’s YouTube channel, launching soon.

Spielberg? Scorsese?

bizworkTV’s Karina Djijo Prepares for Trailer Filming in Herndon, Virginia from bizworkTV on Vimeo.

Uhh, how about neither?? LOL … this production is *ALL* Djijo, okaaaayyy???? :)

Gray clouds? Who cares!

The weather was gray and the clouds threatened to rain but we didn’t care LOL …

Karina at work

…we just walked out into downtown Herndon’s main thoroughfare with full video gear in tow and started filming.

Wedding photography, anyone?

Karina’s artistic vibe caused some curiosity and attention from the general public that afternoon.

Karina at work

A woman driving around town stopped us right before shooting (above) to ask Karina for her phone number; seems she was looking for a photographer for an upcoming wedding!

What a coincidence, too, because FYI in case you didn’t know, Karina does **AMAZING ** wedding photography …

Wedding photos by Djijo studios

…in case you are interested. You can view some samples of Karina’s wedding photography from her Facebook albums listed below:

Please contact Karina at info@djijostudios.com or 302.897.7368 for more information about her wedding photography, portraiture and more!

It’s a wrap!

All in all, Karina and I had such a blast this Friday afternoon. I am so excited to see the trailer footage she collected today and how she “stitches” it all together :)

Mayra Ruiz

Stay tuned …