Jul 26, 2013

Internet Marketing Web Show bizworkTV Launches Facebook Page

For us, launching our Facebook page has been kind of a big deal even though launching a Facebook page, in general, isn’t a big deal to do in it of itself.

But for our bizworkTV show crew, launching our show’s Facebook page is a rather big milestone. It’s the halfway point between (a) starting to film for the show in June and (b) officially launching the show’s web site (and the show itself) later this Fall.

Somehow having a Facebook page about the show makes this all the more real. At least when we film, only a small circle of folks know about our filming and our internet-marketing-and-small-business-spotlight web show intentions. But creating a page on Facebook means we can no longer keep our project under wraps.


Yep, so … we have indeed come forward and the cat’s out of the house now. While terribly exciting, there’s also a feeling of “oh uh” and “OMG is this for real? Are we really doing this??”

The answer, of course, came when the “Publish page” button on Facebook was pushed: “Yes, we are really doing this!!!!”


If you want to keep up with our show’s many episode-taping adventures and all the behind-the-scene antics, please then “Like” our bizworkTV page on Facebook and you’ll be in the bizworkTV-know.

Until we launch our site this fall, our Facebook page will be our primary communications hub. If you like what we are doing and know of others who may find our efforts to feature small business owners and highlight subject matter experts of interest to entrepreneurs, then please share our Facebook page with others to help us get the word out about show.

Many thanks to you!

Mayra & Karina