Aug 13, 2013

Djijo-tastic Moments Behind bizworkTV’s Shoot at AOL Headquarters in Dulles, Virginia

Awwwwwww SNAP!

There’s our very own Karina Djijo in “I’m gonna film the heck out of this next bizworkTV episode!” mode as she cheeses for the mobile cam for a slight nano-second!

Sticks and Stones … Without the Stones

Djijo Studio cinematography equipment used for bizworkTV small business marketing show for entrepreneurs

Ms. Djijo uses a variety of exquisite cinematography equipment including these “sticks” above LOL … well, that’s what Mayra calls them *just* to get on last nerve :)

Djijo On The Set!

Karina Djijo of Djijo Studios in Creative Director mode for bizworkTV

While preparing to film an upcoming bizworkTV episode with tech startup entrepreneur Hulya Aksu of Critic Mania on location at AOL headquarters in Dulles, Virginia, “The Djijo” preps guests with important details and helpful presentation tips.

Djijoliciousness on bizworkTV set!

Want to Learn More About Our Lovely Djijo?

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting and working with Karina, you pretty much don’t know what you are missing. To learn more about her commercial work, please visit to see samples of portrait, editorial, travel, lifestyle, fashion and advertising photography.