Aug 01, 2013

Keep Calm & Bake On @ The Boutique Bakeshop

Our crew was on its way to film off site.


The guest location? The Boutique Bakeshop … just down the street from bizworkTV studios in Herndon, Virginia.

Our hair stylist, Roshaunda “Shaunda” Jenkins, was dressed to impress LOL … from head to *toes* … check out her funky shoes which, in fact, she stylizes herself completely by hand!


Karina and Shaunda arrive at the bakeshop, scoping out the exterior of the building for possible angles and exterior shots.


Karina slips into “Creative Director” mode as she sets up her filming gear.


Bakers and business owners Stephanie and Evan are very gracious and allow Karina to start filming them while in cake decorating action.


We are so excited to share the entrepreneurial story of these “partners in crumb.” Until then, you’ll have to stay calm and bake on …




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