Sep 12, 2013

Meet Amanda, Our Production Assistant and Total Go-To-Girl!

Meet Amanda. She’s our jack-of-all trades, go-get’em girl who supports so much of this show behind the scenes.

While Amanda looks fabulous on her page, she doesn’t always look so grand. We constantly have her running up and down, left and right.

As an example, in the shot above, Amanda was laying on a hot roof-top … we should say a highly UNcomfortable, hot roof-top full of hard mini-pebbles pinching into her skin. And for what reason did we have her perched there? Well, to help us take pictures, of course!

No pain, no gain! And the same goes for photography. Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do to get just the right shot. Amanda’s learning that. She’s always been interested in graphic design, photography and creative communications so exposing her to aesthetic-capture situations where some discomfort is impossible to avoid are good learning lessons for this recent high school grad.

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