Oct 26, 2013

Episode #003: All Things SEO with Search Engine Savvy Blogger Steph McGuinn

Come learn all about search engine optimization with two digital strategists who love #SEO #SEM #PPC

Think Halloween’s just for tricks or treats?

On the scariest day of the year, bizworkTV show host Mayra Ruiz-McPherson and her digital marketing peer, Steph McGuinn, brave together as they immerse into a super scary subject for most small business owners: search engine optimization!


Yes, folks. It’s true: “S” “E” and “O” are three of the most frightening, spooky letters in the marketing alphabet! Why, you ask?? Well, because 8 out of 10 business owners don’t understand how SEO really works, what it is and what it isn’t. Moreover, most small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) do not have the knowledge, manpower or patience to sort through what they deem as “the SEO mystery.” And to complicate matters more, constantly changing search engine algorithms and the onset of content marketing as a critical ingredient for successful SEO can become an overwhelming beast of information to manage and leverage of behalf of any small business brand.

Fear these three little letters NOT!

Dear SMB people,

SEO doesn’t have to be scary topic :)

To help calm your fears and uplift your SEO spirits, join courageous show host Mayra Ruiz-McPherson as she dives deeply into search engine optimization convos with digital marketer and search engine super hero, Steph McGuinn.

Steph, who’s also an Account Director at Creative2, is well-versed in numerous aspects of SEO management. Her blog, Search Engine Savvy, provides in-depth reviews of SEO tools, industry news and trends and much more!

The bizworkTV Crew

Pre-Show Director Notes

Folks, for this episode, Mayra and Steph traveled off=site to the beautiful national park at Harpers Ferry in West Virginia. The backdrop and scenery was breathtaking *but* we did experience some audio and lighting challenges off-site.

Another challenge: tour buses, trucks and trains kept zipping by not to mention families of deer. Yes, that’s right: deer. THey kept jumping all around us all throughout our episode taping. The flying deer caused such a distraction at one point, Mayra referenced them as “deers” with an “s” LOL vs. “deer” sooooo … for those viewers who are die hard grammar-obsessed types, we beg in advance for your forgiveness :) Freudian slips tend to happen when you have natural wildlife zipping through expensive filming equipment, what can we say.

Hey, so all these quirky happenings make for an interesting show, right?! And as they say in show business: the show must go on! So stay tuned for Episode 003 with Mayra and Steph!



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