Oct 17, 2013

Episode #002: Interview with Small Business Attorney & Owner of Hand Law Offices LLC Gregg A. Hand, ESQ

After More Than Two Decades of Big Law in Washington DC, This Antitrust Attorney Chose to Open His Own Law Practice

Ever wonder about how someone ever walks away from “Big Law” to launch a small business practice? Our very own brilliant Gregg A. Hand, Esq. of Law Hand Offices, LLC tells us how he took big steps and an even bigger leap of faith as he left a 20+ year career working for high-priced law firms to launch a high-quality law practice of his own.

Episode Overview

As bizworkTV viewers will see in this small business spotlight, Gregg A. Hand, Esq. is a bright, charismatic and very knowledgeable attorney providing expertise in the areas of business and antitrust litigation.

Prior to working with startups and small businesses, Gregg was a high-powered, high-profile attorney at numerous large law firms. But after two-plus decades and the market challenges of 2008, Gregg decided it was the right time to make the entrepreneurial leap and launch his own legal practice.

What You’ll Learn from Gregg’s Interview

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • We’ll explore Gregg’s own small business journey and focus on his many adventures in between leaving employment at large law firms and opening his own legal doors as a small business owner.
  • We’ll also cover how small business owners can work best with an attorney; a topic inspired by a recent Entrepreneur.com article entitled “Hiring a Lawyer: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

By The Way…

This episode with Gregg kicks off our official Law & Biz Order series where we will be joined by Gregg whenever we have a legal topic or question to discuss and/or when legal challenges present themselves in relation to other aspects of business ownership.

If you have any questions or comments for Gregg and show host Mayra to discuss or respond to in a future Law & Biz Order episode, please share them with our crew in the comments below!! Thanks ya’ll!!!



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