Oct 16, 2013

Episode #001: Interview with Online Publisher & Pet Blogger Cathy C. Bennett

bizworkTV goes to the dogs, literally, with adorable Goldendoodles Harley & Leo of GroovyGoldendoodles.com

Episode #001: An Overview

Cathy C. Bennett, pet blogger and online publisher of GroovyGoldendoodles.com, began her inspirational and entertaining entrepreneurial journey about two years ago while transitioning from her full-time career into retirement.

In this bizworkTV debut episode, show host Mayra Ruiz-McPherson gets Cathy to “spill the bones” LOL about how her adorable Doodles, Harley & Leo, provide her with endless amounts of unique content as well as how she has evolved from “What the heck is a blog?” to a content-focused online publicist delivering quality narratives to a growing online community of Harley & Leo fans and lovers!

Before the show begins…please read these Director’s notes

Folks, we are a startup show with a shoestring budget AND this is our first official episode which was filmed during the summer months. Back then, we were experimenting with numerous audio details and equipment and had just received our Canon® Wireless Microphone WM-V1. This show was our very first time using it.

Not sure why but this Canon wireless mic seems to have caused *some* audio issues during filming with Cathy :( so you will hear some scratchy-like sounds in the middle of our interview. Sorry about that, folks. We are working hard to upgrade our audio equipment and hoping to have a better wi-fi, lapel mic situation soon. Keep you posted!



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