Nov 15, 2013

Episode 005: Hangin’ With Small Business Owners and Fabulous Baking Duo Stephanie Baker and Evan Sanderson, aka The Bakeshop Girls

Amidst piles of frosting and cakes, there's a whole lotta small business charm and gusto at this local bakery in Herndon, Virginia

Episode Overview

This fifth, small business-spotlight show is near and dear to our bizworkTV hearts. It was our very first on-location episode which was filmed earlier this summer. We had initially sourced The Boutique Bakery and its owners for a potential bizworkTV episode from their delicious chocolate brownies which grace the shelves of the Green Lizard Cycling coffee bar located just below our studio in Herndon, Virginia.

The delightful and highly-addictive chocolate brownies, which our crew purchased over the summer almost every single day to go along with their Green Lizard chais, teas or coffees, inspired show host Mayra Ruiz-McPherson to reach out after learning more about the bakery’s backstory from their site.

Needless to say, we were all super excited when the baking duo owners, Stephanie Baker and Evan Sanderson, agreed to be interviewed …

The Boutique Bakeshop's email response to our bizworkTV interview pitch

What You Will Learn

Interested in watching this bakery-themed episode? Then get ready to learn some of the following key points:

  • Bakery Operations: How does a small local bakery business actually begin? What were the milestones which allowed this baking duo to come together and launch their own storefront and how do things run and operate during busy and low times?
  • Managing Expectations: Not everything you think or plan for will happen the way you think it will. How do you adapt and stay focused yet flexible to accommodate your customers and their buying patterns?
  • Small Business Marketing: Learn how vital word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing has been for this local bakeshop and how email marketing has played a role as well.

Behind the bakeshop scenes

Want to enjoy some fun behind-the-scenes footage before the show aired? This post will give you some fun pre-episode insights before this episode was published.