Nov 15, 2013

Thanking Domainer Support of Episode 004 Interview with @DomainSushi

This was/is a quick and first feabile mobile video attempt using Twitter’s Vine mobile app that failed LOL … Well, what can we say? Of the two bizworkTV ladies, Mayra‘s the one that shares more video and photo content but typically on Instagram, not Vine.

bizworkTV loves its domainer audience and supporters

Anyways, it’s the thought that counts, right?! And in this case, both Mayra and Karina were (and continue to be) so appreciative of all the tweets, re-tweets and write ups about Episode 004 featuring domain consultant Nadia Pessoa, aka @DomainSushi.

We hope we didn’t leave anyone out from all the Episode 004 chatter we could find online but if we did, please forgive us as it was not intentional!

We’d like to thank the following tweeple’s for so much bizworkTV love:

Thanking all domainers who watched and support Episode 004 interview with @Domain Sushi

Huge thanks are also in order for and for their blog write ups here and here.

Most of all, thanking the ever-awesome @DomainSushi for being a guest and sharing so much domain goodness with our audience.

Mayra & Karina