Dec 05, 2013

Episode 006: Selling With Stories: Using Content And Branded Narratives With Marketing Consultant Ann Bevans

Interested in launching your own marketing consulting business? Want to learn about branding with narratives? Then this show is just for you!

Episode Overview

In this episode of bizworkTV, business owners wanting to learn how to use content marketing to attract ideal clients will benefit from listening to marketing consultant and self-published author Ann Bevans as she spills her storytelling beans and reveals how branded narratives can boost traffic, engagement, sales leads and more!

But Before Getting to “Selling With Stories” …

Before Ann and bizworkTV show host Mayra Ruiz-McPherson totally dive into the topic of “Selling With Stories,” they first discuss life and adventures as business owners and independent marketing consultants providing marketing services, leadership and direction to clients.

What You Will Learn

Interested in watching this marketing-infused episode? Then get ready to learn some of the following key points:

  • Making the entrepreneurial decision
    How losing your job can create a new entrepreneurial beginning
  • Starting your marketing consulting business
    Learn how to become a sales person for your marketing services, how to work with clients, position yourself as a marketing expert and win over the marketing hearts and minds of your prospects!
  • Marketing trends
    Remember the “Webmaster” role? Animated gifs?? LOL and more!
  • Branded business stories
    What are they? Why should brands care about their business stories? What types of branded narratives exist and how to identify stories worth sharing

A Special Footnote

We had intended to publish this episode before Thanksgiving but Karina became ill and we could not get it edited in time. Then the Thanksgiving holiday came so we missed the following week and thereafter, we unexpectedly struggled with Vimeo not wanting to accept our the final version of this Episode 006 video file (not to mention even several additional challenges we experienced with our video editing software Adobe Premier!).


Ann, if you are out there, we are so sorry we could not get this episode up sooner but nevertheless, voila!! Here we are :) and the episode came out good! We hope you enjoy it and share it with your colleagues, friends and peers!

A huge, huge thanks to Ann Bevans Collective for all the support, time and friendship!

Enjoy the show! 

And If You Are Interested In Ann’s Book …

If you’d like to purchase Ann’s book, Selling With Stories, please obtain your copy from here.



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