Apr 10, 2014

Episode 009: The Rise & Curl Of The Hairpreneur (An Interview With Hair Artistry Entrepreneur & Salon Owner Roshaunda Jenkins)

Sometimes, entrepreneurs begin their businesses in childhood rather than in adult life. In this episode, salon owner Roshaunda Jenkins shares her entrepreneurial tale which first began at the age of 13.

About This Episode

This episode showcases the inspirational story of hairpreneur Roshaunda Jenkins of Beautiful Becomings located at 2970 Belcrest Center Drive in Hyattsville, MD 20782 (phone: 202-246-1657).

Roshaunda, whom we affectionately know as “Shaunda” or “Shaundoo,” is a hair artistry superstar working with a wide number of clients throughout the Washington DC metro area. In addition to owning her own hair salon, Shaunda also travels on-site to work with clients anywhere they need her hair artistry talent which includes hotels, wedding venues and more.

Beyond The Braids, Curling Irons & Hair Spray…

This show was taped late last year and, since then, Shaunda has added a new venture to her entrepreneurial portfolio: personal training!

Since filming this episode, Shaunda has been managing her salon and clients AS WELL AS actively pursuing becoming certified as a personal trainer. She has taken many steps forward in this new, exciting endeavor and is working both entrepreneurial angles with growing success.

Karina and Mayra have been working with Shaunda to help her possibly launch a local cable show focused on fitness and wellness and …

… as huge fans of Shaunda both as professional and as a dear friend, we are heavily vested in her success.

Follow Shaunda Online

Anyone interested in keeping up with Shaunda and her multi-faceted entrepreneurial adventures can connect with her directly on Facebook or Instagram. To learn more about her salon, please visit BeautifulBecomings.com.

To schedule a hair appointment with Shaunda, click here or call 202-246-1657. Let her know bizworkTV sent you!


Post Script

Shanda, we love you!