Apr 28, 2014

It’s Video Blooper Time! @bizworkTV Show Host Gets Totally Tongue Tied :)

Think being on video is easy? LOL Umm hardly.

You’re always challenged with inclement weather issues, having to fight off insects and bugs, take orders from a super-strict film director :) and then there’s also the detail of trying NOT to forget your lines!!

As we can see in this fun vid clip above, @bizworkTV show host Mayra Ruiz-McPherson has a total blooper moment as she inexplicably gets distracted by “shapes and sizes” :) LOL “I don’t often work off a script when doing our pre-episode intros,” shares Mayra, “and perhaps I should but I feel it’s more natural to just talk to the camera and be oneself. But going au natural can often lead to the occasional Freudian slip which we tend to keep and share with the bizworkTV community for giggles often, and yes, at my total expense!”

This fun bizworkTV pre-episode filming took place in Centreville, Virginia where Mayra and Creative Director Karina Djijo were filming a number of videos for upcoming shows with some really interesting and fabulous guests including PRWeb.com Product Manager Abby Hammer, personal trainer Trinity Perkins and many more!

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