Archives: May, 2014

Episode 010: Video Content, Interviewing Guests & Many More Lessons Learned Since First Launching bizworkTV

Episode Overview bizworkTV Show host Mayra Ruiz-McPherson and her creative partner in crime, Karina Djijo, who produces all our episodes, have partnered for this 10th show milestone. What You Will Learn In this episode, the bizworkTV duo reveal how they first launched bizworkTV and how they operate the complete set up and operation using limited

TGIF’ing With Fellow Entrepreneurs: Video Content Producers Tom Madden & Bryan McLamara

As a social media marketing consultant and digital strategist, our show host Mayra Ruiz-McPherson is often assisting business owners seeking to improve their usage of social media tools and technologies. Today was no different. Mayra spent the afternoon counseling fellow business owners Tom Madden (of Visual Impact Productions) and Bryan McLamara (of Virginia Cinema Films)