May 04, 2014

Episode 010: Video Content, Interviewing Guests & Many More Lessons Learned Since First Launching bizworkTV

After jointly filming 10 shows, show host Mayra Ruiz-McPherson and show producer Karina Djijo reveal all they've learned while filming and publishing bizworkTV episodes to date

Episode Overview

bizworkTV Show host Mayra Ruiz-McPherson and her creative partner in crime, Karina Djijo, who produces all our episodes, have partnered for this 10th show milestone.

What You Will Learn

In this episode, the bizworkTV duo reveal how they first launched bizworkTV and how they operate the complete set up and operation using limited resources. The pair also highlight important aspects of how to best approach guest interviews, work with filming equipment as well as how they both collaborate with each other in host-producer roles.

Special Footnote

This episode was filmed in early Fall last year when we were still just getting started with bizworkTV so our equipment was, in all candor, not the best. As a result there is some lag between audio and video in this episode, however, the content and information Karina and Mayra exchange and share is still very clear and of high relevance to anyone considering launching a show where guests are interviewed and where video content is being created.

Our Next Episode!

We are thrilled to soon share our next episode, Episode 011, with Product Manager Abby Hammer!

The truth about press releases is our next episode with Product Manager Abby Hammer and show host, digital strategist Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

This upcoming episode is information-PACKED with lots of 4-1-1 about press releases! Everything and anything you ever wanted to know about press releases will be discussed; from what they are, best approaches for writing them and how to get them out using release distribution services like

This episode will be published in about 5-10 business days so stay tuned!