Jun 03, 2014

Episode 011: The Truth About Press Releases

Thanks to our amazing friends at Vocus, this episode dispels many press release myths and tons of PR hype with PRWeb.com's Senior Product Manager, Abby Hammer

Episode Overview

Brace yourselves: this is, by far, one of our **MOST** info-packed episodes yet!! So while show host Mayra & Karina have been working to produce more compact episodes, this bizworkTV show with PRWeb.com’s Senior Product Manager Abby Hammer was so full of helpful insight, advice and goodness, it was super tough to edit this down! We wanted to preserve as much 4-1-1 as possible on all things press releases, PR and release distribution for anyone seeking to expand or improve their knowledge about digital PR efforts and how press releases tie in to an overall inbound marketing strategy.

What You Will Learn

  • Press releases vs. news releases? What’s the difference?
  • How do press release distribution services (like PRWeb.com) actually work?
  • Tips and advice on how to optimize your news releases for maximum “findability,: views and “shareability”
  • Trends in digital PR to keep an eye on
  • How to budget for and/or manage your news release production and distribution efforts
  • … and much, much more!

More Information

For those in the DC metro area this week wanting to learn more about digital PR, our Vocus friends have organized an amazing marketing educational conference: Demand Success 2014. There is a fab PR track (amongst many other amazing educational tracks for social and digital) at the conference and many networking opportunities to connect and learn. Of course, we’ll be there soaking up as much digital and online marketing goodness as humanly possible and we’ll report back what we learn in future episodes.

Additional Resources

bizworkTV show host Mayra has an ebook about the anatomy of a press release which she will soon publish here on the site. But in the interim, here are some helpful links to resources to help augment the topics shared in this PR-packed bizworkTV Episode 011:

Endless Thanks

bizworkTV Episode 011 would NOT have been possible without the support and friendship of Vocus’s Director of Public Relations, Breeanna Straessle. From the onset, Breeanna was completely open to our show idea and pitch, extremely receptive to all our bizworkTV antics :) and most of all, gracious and incredibly generous with her time and resources through and through. Breeanna, WE THANK YOU!