Oct 01, 2014

Episode 012: The ABC’s Of Computer Literacy For Kids

An Entrepreneurial Adventure with Hands In Motion Founder Kely Davis

Episode Overview

Ever thought of launching a community-based literacy service right from your own living room? Well, possibly not. But then again, you’re not Kely Davis, founder of Hands In Motion in Sterling, Virginia. Kely’s entrepreneurial adventures began very small and simply but quickly bloomed into what would ultimately become a unique service providing children and families with a number of computer literacy programs in support of their educational needs.

What You Will Learn

  • How a loving, caring mom transformed herself into an entrepreneurial business leader in her community
  • Growing pains of a home-based business and transitioning from home to out-of-home location
  • Marketing tips and challenges commonly associated with business ownership
  • … and much, much more!

Special Thanks

bizworkTV Episode 012 was made fully possible in close collaboration with fellow marketing colleague Peggy Coleman of Coleman & Associates based in Leesburg, Virginia. Peggy, we thank you so much for connecting our show with Kely and for your support and friendship leading up to the taping of this educational and super-fun episode!! We love you! :)