Feb 27, 2015

Episode 13: From Administrative Professional to Personal Trainer

A Business Owner Spotlight with Entrepreneur Trinity Perkins

Episode Overview

How many of us have sat at our desks, cubicles or offices and have day dreamed about working for ourselves? Many people can day dream but its only a select few that leave the comforts of a paycheck every two weeks to pursue their passion and entrepreneurial dreams.

Meet Trinity “Trin” Perkins and founder of Train With Trin. As a born fitness enthusiast turned entrepreneur, Trin is one of those few who made her dreams of self-employment come true.

But how? How did she make the leap from office administrator to elite fitness trainer and wellness coach? What were the motivations behind this move and what challenges did she face along the way?

What You Will Learn

In this fun bizworkTV episode, you will learn:

  • How a fitness-minded office worker made the leap from 9-5 worker to self-employment
  • Numerous challenges along the way towards entrepreneurial lifestyle and business ownership
  • How social media and other marketing methods helped Trin build her business and grow her income potential

Special Thanks

The filming of bizworkTV Episode 013 was done on-site at the local gym, Life Design Fitness in Woodbridge, Virginia. We are thankful to have had the ability to film on site as it made for a great backdrop.

Additionally, we want to also thank pet blogger and first bizworkTV guest Cathy C. Bennett for referring Trin as a bizworkTV guest.

Last but hardly least, we thank Trin for an amazing interview and for sharing her wisdom, friendship and entrepreneurial experiences with us and all our viewers at bizworkTV!