About Mayra & Karina

[toggle title="So how did these two ladies first meet?"] Karina literally walked off the pages of Craigslist and into Mayra’s life on April 2013. At the time, Mayra had been looking for a suite mate and had posted an “office for rent” listing that attracted Karina and prompted her to come see the office space available. From the moment Karina arrived at 720 Lynn Street, Suite B in Herndon, Virginia, this talented duo has been creatively inseparable. “I think Karina and I were absolutely destined to meet,” says Mayra. “We share so very many things in common. And we have much of the same thoughts and visions when it comes to our creative work, either together or apart. We both fuss over pixel-perfection and notice the small little things that make an above-average design into extraordinary piece of visual content. We are creative soul mates and I am convinced Karina and I were purposefully brought together and that our paths were meant to cross for a reason.” [/toggle] [toggle title="How did Mayra and Karina come up with bizworkTV?"] The idea, concept and overall vision for bizworkTV initially began with Mayra more than five years ago. But it wasn’t until Mayra met Karina and Karina met Mayra that the idea of an internet marketing web show geared towards small business owners could and would become a reality. Be sure to read our show’s Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about how bizworkTV came to life. [/toggle] [toggle title="What does Mayra like about working with Karina?"] What Mayra admires most about Karina (in Mayra’s own words): Karina is a true professional. I absolutely love that about her. But let’s put that fact aside for the moment and focus on what I feel is an endless list of lovable things about her that would make just about anyone giddy happy. First, Karina’s super positive outlook on life is infectious. She’s also passionate about health and wellness and practices yoga, which means I am privy to her bending all over the place (like this, this and this) in between shoots :). Karina is also someone who loves nature and the earth. I initially tried to resist some of this “earth love” movement only because, as an example, I “don’t have time to recycle,” I would often say. Ohhhh, but Karina won’t hear any of that garbage, literally. In a matter of days, there was suddenly a “recycle only” trash bin in our kitchen. We affectionately now call her “RP” for “Recycling Police.” You have to watch what you are about to trash if “RP” is around LOL … “You know, if you don’t recycle (that), all that stuff gets stuck in a landfill,” she points out as I drink my hot chai latte from a paper cup that I easily would have trashed without recycling and never have given it a second thought. That was BEFORE. Now, much AFTER “RP” has walked into our lives, I find myself washing paper cups and plates before putting them into a recycling bin. Karina, who is originally from Ghana, has an extensive international background and, as it turns out, so do I. We both speak several languages and have lived in various countries around the world. We share a love of culture and food and have developed a special connection in a relatively short period of time. My list of what I admire about Karina, both professionally and personally, could go on and on. I’m hopeful, however, that anyone reading this tid bit can read between the lines and sense just how much high regard and affection I have for my partner in creative crime. Anyone who seeks to work with a truly professional photographer with a gift for capturing unique moments on film or video in the most aesthetic light possible would be incredibly fortunate to have Karina on their team. She’s not only brought my bizworkTV vision to life; she’s given my visual concepts incredible depth and a level of sophistication I could not have achieved on my own. [/toggle] [toggle title="What does Karina like about working with Mayra?"] What Karina admires most about Mayra (in Karina’s own words): I love the fact that she gets that there is a definite method to my (creative) madness and is almost always willing to go with my sometimes wild ideas with (fairly) little resistance. Fairly :) Seriously … we truly are often on the exact same wave length creatively. Here’s another Mayra plus: A lot of work and effort is required to transition ideas from creative concept to tangible output. During each and every single time I’ve collaborated with Mayra, she is a true partner all the way, carrying her creative load and supporting me with mine. We just work well together. There have been times when we just look at something and “we know” … no words need be spoken. We just “know” when we’ve hit creative gold and having that kind of close collaboration has been a wonderful experience for me, both personally and professionally. Last but hardly least, it just so turns out Mayra’s also a marketing-PR-social media-web design-development genius in her own right and anything that comes out of her mouth is worth its weight in gold. I have learned that first hand and many who have the pleasure of working with her say the exact same thing. “Just do whatever she tells you do,” one of Mayra’s private coaching clients once shared with me. It’s been good advice. Mind you, I admit I do have quite the long laundry list of marketing things to do for my photography business. But with Mayra in my inner circle, I now have someone extremely knowledgeable in all things marketing guiding me with very practical direction. She helps me to prioritize where I need to spend my marketing time most, saving me both budget and oodles of time. Ohhh and yeah … the fact that Mayra has the same affinity for chocolate that I do is a total added bonus and sharing the occasional delectable brownie doesn’t hurt either. [/toggle] [toggle title="Do this creative duo have more in store beyond bizworkTV?"] As a matter of fact, yes they do! Mayra and Karina have several joint-collaborations under way. The duo is working on launching a hyper-local online community highlighting the Town of Herndon which is launching March 2014. The creative pair is also jointly producing a fun children’s web show entitled The B Rex Show focused on the lovable, “prehistoric” antics of dinosaur-loving 8 year old Brandon Ruiz-McPherson (yep, Brandon’s of our two Infographic Kids). These are just two of the many collaborative adventures Mayra and Karina have recently embarked on; we’ll update here again as more fabulous content for video and online is unleashed by these two kindred creative spirits and inseparable friends. Stay tuned! [/toggle]