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Megan Bucelli

[toggle title="Arbonne Consultant & Makeup Artist"] Megan Bucelli is an Arbonne Consultant and talented makeup artist in Reston, Virginia Megan Bucelli is our web show’s makeup artist extraodinaire. In most bizworkTV show segments, Mayra‘s eyes, skin and lips beautifully illustrate not only Megan’s exceptional makeup artistry talents but also the gorgeous outcome of Arbonne cosmetics which is the only line of makeup we use, period. Megan, who has a very entrepreneurial spirit herself, first began her Arbonne business in May of 2010. Mayra first became aware of Arbonne through Karina, who was using Megan as a makeup artist for some of her own private portraiture and wedding photography clients. Arbonne products are focused on health and wellness which is why we love using them. And when these cosmetic items come into Megan’s hands, the result is always *gorg* *gorg* *gorg* :) If you want to learn more about Megan, you can visit her online or on Facebook. Megan, WE LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you for supporting this show (and all our crazy antics in between) from the very beginning. [/toggle] [/col] [col size='8/16' pos='last']

Roshaunda Jenkins

[toggle title="Hair Artistry Expert"] Roshaunda Jenkins of Beautiful Becomings in Hyattsville, Maryland Roshaunda has had a flair for hair since she was 13 when she began braiding her sister’s hair. It didn’t take long for other people to notice her braiding talent and soon after, her mother’s boss became her first client. This experience was Roshaunda’s stepping stone to her hairstyling career. We actually have interviewed Roshaunda for an upcoming bizworkTV episode about her hair artistry background and her entpreneurial adventures as she rose up the hairstyling ranks to launch her own Beautiful Becomings Salon in Hyattsville, Maryland. This episode will launch this Fall so do stay tuned; well add the link here when Roshaunda’s show is live. Until then, we want to let everyone know that when Roshaunda’s schedule allows her to visit our filming studios, each and every single time her hairstyling gifts always shine. She does amazingly with just about ANY hairstyle idea you throw her way. Not to mention she is a true professional, dedicated and focused exclusively on her client. Roshaunda, you are the VERY BEST and we thank you for all your expertise, creativity and friendship! [/toggle] [/col]