Production Assistant


Amanda Renée Ruiz

[toggle title="A Recent High School Graduate"] As of June 9, 2013, I graduated from Dominion High School (DHS) as a black and silver Titan. Originally, I began my first two years of high school as a Patriot at Washington High School (WHS) in Charles Town, West Virginia. [/toggle] [toggle title="Walking In My Mom's Marketing Shoes"] As with most high schoolers, the closer I got to graduation, the more I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life thereafter. I spent several years heavily involved in theatre but nearing the end of my junior year, I pretty much came to the conclusion that I wanted to “grow up” and follow in my mother’s marketing, communications and graphic design footsteps. Somehow, my mom’s been able to combine her love for design and art and blend it with business. I’ve been thinking I could and should do the same. And why not? I’ve been interning for my mom as her marketing assistant for as far back as I can remember so pursuing her career path feels like a very natural choice to me. [/toggle] [toggle title="College ... In Progress"] Getting this far hasn’t been the easiest journey but after applying to various schools, I wasn’t able to raise all the financial aid I needed to attend my top school of choice. I ultimately decided to then just stay local for now and attend Northern Virginia Community College for the first 1-2 years before transferring. I am presently studying business administration for my associates degree. After that, I hope to move on to receive a bachelors degree in Marketing or Communications, depending on the school I end up attending. I also aspire to earn my masters but that seems kind of far away right now. For the moment, all I can focus on is doing a good job with my first college semester so you’ll just have to stay tuned! [/toggle] [toggle title="My Life As a Marketing Intern"] In between attending college classes, Instagraming, tweeting, playing guitar and hanging out with my friends and family, I spend my days interning for my mom (Mayra) and assisting Karina with her photography studio projects, as needed. Hanging out with mom and Karina … it’s kind of the perfect storm since I want to be just like them. If I could fuse them together, that’s the person I would like to be! I’ve been learning so much about running a business, marketing, web design, video and photography under the wings of these two very talented women. I honestly couldn’t ask for two better teachers than these two ladies. I’m one incredibly lucky girl. [/toggle]