Video & Photography


Karina Djijo of Djijo Studios

[toggle title="Lovestruck"] I knew I was in love when I could spend countless nights in the darkroom developing film, dodging, burning, and watching magic happen in the photo bath in the college film photography lab. I knew it was serious when this new-found passion started to compete with my passion for painting. [/toggle] [toggle title="More than 10 Years of Creativity"] With a decade of experience in the professional creative world, I have spent a good amount of my recent years behind the camera capturing stills and also exploring, experimenting in and learning about the art of filmmaking. [/toggle] [toggle title="From Photography to Motion"] More recently, I began shooting, directing and editing films. From abstract shorts, scripted short films, documentaries, ads and trailers I have found that the added dynamic of movement and telling a story in a linear way versus through a single photograph or short series of photographs forces you to think differently and challenges the mind in new ways. I absolutely love the added layers of movement and sound in my creative and visual storytelling work. [/toggle] [toggle title="Exploring the Moving Image"] Filmmaking has given me a chance to explore a new way of seeing and applying my previous knowledge and experience to my motion work. I have always loved cinema and the moving image. Nothing can express the sheer satisfaction one gets from the process of making a film. Sometimes it is very simple, at others, there are a lot of moving parts and a lot to keep track of. [/toggle] [toggle title="Cinematography Inspires Photography"] I find that what i learn in my experience as a cinematographer and filmmaker influences my still photography work and any creative direction I give or contribute to a project. Of course, this applies in reverse for all the disciplines I work in. Often, projects call for knowledge and the use of several mediums to tell a story or convey a message. [/toggle] [toggle title="Creative Direction at bizworkTV"] Providing creative direction during bizworkTV’s many photoshoots and while filming episodes with Mayra and show guests has been an amazing experience. I learn so much each and every single time. [/toggle] [toggle title="Today"] My role as an artist and creative director has, over many years through present day, morphed into a multi-faceted combination of skills, expertise and capabilities in several areas. This strong foundation helps me achieve rich visual content to hold a viewer’s attention and clearly convey a compelling message. [/toggle]