Brandon & Charlie

So just who are these so-called Infographic Kids anyway?

Charlie and Brandon, aka The Infographic Kids, are the fun, spontaneous young children of bizworkTV web host, Mayra Ruiz-McPherson.

This rambunctious duo often pair up to highlight important industry trends, statistics, infographics and other important data relevant to business owners, entrepreneurs and startups. (Did you know: These adorable siblings are available to highlight *YOUR* important metrics and stats.)

[toggle title="About Little Charlie"] Adorable, almost-three years old and uber precocious little Charlette, aka “Charlie,” is a techie girl at heart following the footsteps of her momma and bizworkTV show host Mayra Ruiz-McPherson. Charlie is quite fluent with maneuvering the iPad® and iPhone® to watch Netflix® episodes of Dora the Explorer and Pocoyo. When her mom leaves her laptop unoccupied, Charlie’s been known to take the laptop over and click every button on the keyboard known to mankind. During numerous bizworkTV episodes, Charlie has served as a mini-model holding up branded signage or small props. The show’s producers often incorporate brief little snippets of Charlie personifying social networking logos or other tech or web-inspired themes. [/toggle]

About Mister Brandon

Charlie and Brandon are The Infographic Kids on internet marketing show bizworkTV