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Episode 012: The ABC’s Of Computer Literacy For Kids

Episode Overview Ever thought of launching a community-based literacy service right from your own living room? Well, possibly not. But then again, you’re not Kely Davis, founder of Hands In Motion in Sterling, Virginia. Kely’s entrepreneurial adventures began very small and simply but quickly bloomed into what would ultimately become a unique service providing children and

Episode 010: Video Content, Interviewing Guests & Many More Lessons Learned Since First Launching bizworkTV

Episode Overview bizworkTV Show host Mayra Ruiz-McPherson and her creative partner in crime, Karina Djijo, who produces all our episodes, have partnered for this 10th show milestone. What You Will Learn In this episode, the bizworkTV duo reveal how they first launched bizworkTV and how they operate the complete set up and operation using limited

Episode 009: The Rise & Curl Of The Hairpreneur (An Interview With Hair Artistry Entrepreneur & Salon Owner Roshaunda Jenkins)

About This Episode This episode showcases the inspirational story of hairpreneur Roshaunda Jenkins of Beautiful Becomings located at 2970 Belcrest Center Drive in Hyattsville, MD 20782 (phone: 202-246-1657). Roshaunda, whom we affectionately know as “Shaunda” or “Shaundoo,” is a hair artistry superstar working with a wide number of clients throughout the Washington DC metro area.

Episode 008: Online Reputation Management Convos With Techpreneur Hulya Aksu, CEO of

Episode Overview listen to ‘Episode 008: Online Reputation Management Convos With Techpreneur Hulya Aksu, CEO of’ on Audioboo What You Will Learn Hear real-world SMB stories and experiences related to reputation management Learn the differences between meeting the standards and delivering extraordinary service … and which of the two compels a consumer to leave

Episode 007: Building Your Network & Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile With LinkedIn Expert Yuhannes Watts

Episode Overview listen to ‘bizworkTV Episode 007 with LinkedIn Subject Matter Expert Yuhannes Watts’ on Audioboo What You Will Learn Why LinkedIn should be an essential aspect of your online marketing programs How to manage your LinkedIn recommendations Should you use the free version of LinkedIn or upgrade to a paid version? Numerous tips for

Episode 006: Selling With Stories: Using Content And Branded Narratives With Marketing Consultant Ann Bevans

Episode Overview In this episode of bizworkTV, business owners wanting to learn how to use content marketing to attract ideal clients will benefit from listening to marketing consultant and self-published author Ann Bevans as she spills her storytelling beans and reveals how branded narratives can boost traffic, engagement, sales leads and more! But Before Getting

Episode 005: Hangin’ With Small Business Owners and Fabulous Baking Duo Stephanie Baker and Evan Sanderson, aka The Bakeshop Girls

Episode Overview This fifth, small business-spotlight show is near and dear to our bizworkTV hearts. It was our very first on-location episode which was filmed earlier this summer. We had initially sourced The Boutique Bakery and its owners for a potential bizworkTV episode from their delicious chocolate brownies which grace the shelves of the Green