The B-Roll

TGIF’ing With Fellow Entrepreneurs: Video Content Producers Tom Madden & Bryan McLamara

As a social media marketing consultant and digital strategist, our show host Mayra Ruiz-McPherson is often assisting business owners seeking to improve their usage of social media tools and technologies. Today was no different. Mayra spent the afternoon counseling fellow business owners Tom Madden (of Visual Impact Productions) and Bryan McLamara (of Virginia Cinema Films)

#HopeProject: From Oppression to Entrepreneurial Opportunity

As web host on an entrepreneur-focused show publishing video content in support and helpful to business owners and startups alike, I would like to thank my PR colleague and peer @Shonali for introducing me to the #HopeProject, a collaboration between Milaap and the ASSET India Foundation, which provides women (and their children) rescued from trafficking with life

Thank You Megan!

Megan Bucelli. That’s the name of our beautiful and talented makeup artist who devotes herself to ensuring our show host, Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, looks her absolute best for each taping. Megan, who is also a professional Arbonne Consultant, has been deeply vested in the success of our show from its inception. The depth of our gratitude

Djijo-tastic Moments Behind bizworkTV’s Shoot at AOL Headquarters in Dulles, Virginia

Awwwwwww SNAP! There’s our very own Karina Djijo in “I’m gonna film the heck out of this next bizworkTV episode!” mode as she cheeses for the mobile cam for a slight nano-second! Sticks and Stones … Without the Stones Ms. Djijo uses a variety of exquisite cinematography equipment including these “sticks” above LOL … well,